Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ten sleeps till Xmas

I know this is the second time we've had Xmas here this year but there was a bit of catching up to do, as I explained at the time and anyway, why the hell not?!

If you haven't been following along then the last row of panels may be a bit bewildering. Each relates to a story arc from the weekly strips that I just kind of abandoned a few weeks ago. So all these guys are just stuck hanging in their little fictional scenarios until I go back in and rescue them; from hanging suspended in mid-air over a pair of comely mermaids after being dragged through the afterlife; sitting on a rocky hill in the Cambrian; and hanging on every word of a glowing messiah.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In which we find ourselves inside the creepy house

OK. I'm sorry. I kind of hinted that we wouldn't get drawn into this little world and he we are talking about Mother's abscesses again. We don't know much about what goes on in here; the curtains are old and threadbare and there doesn't seem to be any furniture and I really don't want to form a mental image of Mother and Princess Mitzi. With that in mind you might be relieved to hear that the Eggmen will be taking a little break for a while. I'm tired and I need to claw back some time from somewhere to work on some things that are bigger and more ambitious.

I will definitely still be dropping in from time to time with the odd Eggmen strip here and there but I can't commit to anything regular till the new year. To those 2 or 3 of you who have been regular readers, I say a huge thanks for your attention. If you're at all interested in what happens here next you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed.

And there's always the weekly and daily archives.