Friday, September 12, 2014

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Dmitri Shostakovich! Stipples! I liked this one enough to actually sign it.
My sister bought me a big box of his symphonies (all 15 of them) for my birthday last weekend. I'm probably going to need some medication after listening to them all (which I plan on doing in fairly quick succession to, you know, get the whole picture) but I'm looking forward to it. Having said that, I've had a big box of Mahler symphonies for a couple of years now and I'm only now getting my head around his 3rd. Apparently, he did refer to it as his "monster" so I do feel a bit less intimidated than I once did.

More other stuff

This is that Weapon X kid again (AKA my son, Franklin).

More "Pepe le Egg" (and a dose of doggerel)

I have to admit that he's starting to creep out even me a bit. He's probably harmless (albeit really annoying) but maybe chemical castration would be for the best.