Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A short interview

If anyone out there is currently spending time "engaging with notions of gender and identity" or "negotiating interfaces" or "exploring concepts of space", I offer an apology for any hurt or offence this might have caused. It was a cheap and obvious joke and an old, tired one at that.
But I had to do it.
I'm not really sorry.

Monday, October 10, 2011

I went and made a book...

...and this is what the front cover is going to look like. It was a long, slow, fiddly process which I enjoyed enormously. The biggest problem was letting the thing go and calling it finished and good enough.
Included inside is almost everything so far and I'm really thrilled by the fact that, presented in some kind of consecutive order, it all seems to make some kind of sense. To me at least. But then I suppose it is my fictional delusion so it probably should.
I've just ordered the first proof from the printer and, assuming there's not too much faffing about in the wake of that, it'll be ready to go shortly.
I am just a bit excited.