Sunday, February 6, 2011

I know I said I'd get a new one up this week but...

...but - hey - this one is new. And if you figure that the new week starts on a Monday (like I do) then this is really appearing last week. Maybe. I think.

And Tony - thanks so much for the feedback. Considering I do this in a strange little vacuum and for no good reason other than it being its own reward (usually), it's really, really good to hear from people - especially when they say nice things. I hope the strip below answers your question.

Mmm. Looking at it again, I don't know if that really clears anything up at all. The basic idea of him is that he's that nasty shadow side of our personality that drags us down and tells us were not worth shit, only brought out into the light of day as an incarnate entity in his own right. I could definitely make him nastier and more psychologically unsettling but I think people might run screaming. So he's not all that bad. But he has his moments.