A little story about Richard (and why he does this)

Richard Norman Barker is a man who had kind of drifted through his life, letting things happen to him, until one day he woke up and realised his life was probably half over. Like most men his age, and especially those who find they've spent most of their lives up to that point doing pointless things, he had what has come to be known as a 'mid-life crisis'. While he felt momentarily that he may have turned into a human cliché, Richard was happy to report that this 'crisis' involved no wearing of inappropriate clothes or tacky adornments and no courting of young and inappropriate women. It did however involve a great deal of sighing and staring morosely out the window while doing the dishes. Until one day he decided to try something different. He decided to make a decision.

If his life was ever to have any point or meaning, Richard forced himself to consider everything that he loved and to try and put these things at the centre of his life. That which he did not love would become peripheral. This sounded like a good plan. So Richard came up with a list. His wife and son were two very good things that had happened to him even though he hadn't gone out of his way to get them; he loved science and music and going to new places; he loved comics and tarot cards and strange ideas. He loved a lot of other things as well but these were the ones that made him really feel something and caused odd stirrings in his tired heart.
The next part of the plan was to somehow synthesise these elements into the amazing life that Richard had never bothered to imagine for himself. He had no idea how to go about this but is busy working on it as you read these words. While he's acutely aware that this may not seem as noble as founding an orphanage at least he's not getting his chest waxed for the aforementioned inappropriate women.

Richard was born when the Sun and Moon and Mercury were in Virgo, lending him ferocious analytical abilities which he mostly abuses by focusing them inward, like a cruel laser beam, onto his own neuroses and insecurities. He also has Libra rising which, he has been told, equips him with a superficial charm but also makes him relentlessly indecisive and wishy-washy.

He is also not very comfortable talking about himself, which is why he has written this in the third person.

As for the 'Eggmen', he's not sure what to say about them and hopes they can find the eloquence to speak for themselves. They come in two flavours: one small, modest and homely; the other wilder, dafter and slightly more ambitious. They are this way because Richard couldn't make up his mind what to do with them.