Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Other stuff!

Another little morning sketch. I usually do these directly with a pen so I can't erase mistakes; the reasoning being that I'll become bolder in laying down ink lines. I think I'm getting bolder (but I'm not sure about better).

This band thing is really picking up a head of steam

Next time: auditions!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Other stuff!

A little while ago I was getting up early and forcing myself to sit down and just draw something in the short time I had (and it was a short time - I wasn't getting up that early). Pretty much anything that took my fancy in that sleepy fuzz before breakfast and the first coffee.
I fell off the wagon, as it were, during the school holidays and started sleeping in instead but I'm about to start again. Soon.
I'll put some of the stuff that comes out of it here.
This is the art critic Herbert Read. He had a reputation for patiently educating people about modern art without making them feel like cultural reactionaries or morons. And he was a public anarchist before the Sex Pistols came along and gave anarchy a bad name.
It doesn't actually look much like him - and I usually can't get a good likeness to save my life - but after doing a run of these I really started to enjoy seeing the new person that came out of my inability to get the drawing to look like the original subject.

Here's a couple from different story strands.

This next one is appearing a bit out of sequence - there's one or two I still need to do which happen before this chronologically - but this one was done so I thought I may as well whack it up here.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Look Ma - no lines!

It started out innocently enough as a little portrait drawing exercise. But then, when I had her very loosely pencilled, I started stippling. And then I couldn't stop. But I liked it.

Here we go - the death of Art!