Friday, January 30, 2009

Another segue

Here we go again. This little story arc is also spinning wildly off on an unexpected (and probably unjustified) tangent.
The little creatures in the bottom panel were all found as fossils in the Burgess Shale deposits (Early Cambrian ~530-ish million years ago) in British Columbia. I've had a copy of Stephen Jay Gould's Wonderful Life kicking around for years, without ever getting round to reading it, but I just love the way these things look. The drawings in Gould's book are much nicer than mine.
I'm still figuring out what the possible connection between Palaeozoic fauna and a codpiece-sporting Eggman could be. Totally running on blind faith that it'll all eventually make a strange kind of sense.
If you want to see the narrative thread (I'm using the term loosely) of this little episode a bit more clearly, have a look at these pages in the archive.
And, for the heavy metal fans or pop culture obsessives among you, the title this week was based on the Megadeth logo.

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