Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Xmas 2003!

This one was done for a fond old acquaintance who I ran into a few years ago. It was around Christmas at the time and she challenged me to do her a Christmas cartoon. It took me 6 years or something like that to come good on my promise but, finally, here it is. Doesn't seem like it was worth waiting 6 years for somehow.

I got totally stuck on the last row of panels at one point so I fell back on that old, tried-and-true plot device of having your protagonists explode for no good reason.

I'm always running chronically late for Xmas - like it'll all of a sudden be Xmas Eve and I'll realise I haven't bought any presents and have no money to buy any. I never seem to learn. So, in the spirit of getting my shit together this year, here's the spirit of Christmas, 3 months early (not 6 years late).

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