Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A quick lie down

I owe everyone a small apology and some big thanks.

The apology is for being so consistently all over the place. I think all the wandering narratives might just be part and parcel of the whole Eggmen thing but, looking back over some of the recent strips, I had this dawning horror that the whole thing was a bit of a visual mess as well. I’ve never really bothered to sit down and draw up model sheets for any of the characters or places in this little universe, preferring instead to create the whole thing straight ahead and organically. All good in theory but the result might be a bit disconcerting if you’re ploughing through a story arc in one of the galleries.

The big thanks are for those of you who are prepared to bear with me because I’m totally making it up as I go. From one strip to the next I’ll think of a slightly better way of rendering something or I’ll just forget what I did last time. I promise to try and be consistent where I can but I’m really making all my mistakes in public. It’s sometimes a bit of a relief to think that only a couple of people read this thing.

And all the above is really just a flimsy knee-jerk defence for anyone who might suddenly wonder why the hell I painted the house black in today’s strip.

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