Thursday, September 17, 2015

Another stipply portrait thing

I have no idea who these people might be. While I was looking at photos online one day, they kind of leaped out at me, along with the sudden awareness of how we human creatures are formed - and deformed - by our lives; how our faces get carved into these personality masks by all our joys and loves and fears and pains and resentments.
I didn't really like these faces, which meant I got kind of fed up with making the picture long before it was finished. It's also not quite as good as I hoped it would be.
The same thing happens if I try and do a politician - because they kind of shit me, I can't find the necessary level of care and attention to render them well and the final picture doesn't quite work out. 
These people look quite a bit softer here than they did in the original photo I drew from; the man looked more arrogant and impatient, and the woman more sour and disappointed.
I wish them well. I hope they're feeling better.

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